Not just a memecoin but a Pepecoin in Pepeverse, Pepes are ready to take over!

Welcoming all Pepes to the PepeHood worldwide. PepeSwap is the new PepeHood!

Our Pepe has become immensely popular, and we aim to deliver first-hand utility for the upcoming Pepe ecosystem. PepeSwap will be the groundbreaking, original swap platform to kick-start your PepeHood adventure


Our cult is incredibly powerful; we believe that all our Pepes within the PepeHood have the potential to unite and form a strong, supportive community. As we embark on this journey together, we aim to inspire our Pepes by offering rewards in the future.

Memetic appeal

This project goes beyond the development of a simple digital currency. Instead, it aims to establish a platform that encourages people worldwide to unite and foster a positive impact to the Memehood (PepeHood)

Spontaneous growth

We believe that every individual Pepe in our community has a significant role to play. Our goal is to harness their potential to create and contribute value to the Memehood. Each stage of growth is meticulously developed with a clear vision in mind, ultimately enabling us to expand our reach across multiple Pepe universes in the future. Long live the PepeHood!


Our tokenomics strategy is simple yet intelligent, with the ultimate goal of achieving a market cap worth millions and eventually billions. We have carefully designed our tokenomics with PinkSale presale in mind, ensuring that we can accumulate sufficient tokens for Uniswap listing and subsequent CeX listings. For more information on our tokenomics, please read the details provided below

1,000,000,000 (1B) Tokens

Total Supply

94% Pink Sale
6% CEX

Use of pink sale funds

0 ERC-20
5% Pinksale Part
0 ERC-20
51% Initial liquidity
0 ERC-20
44% Project funds

How to get the liquidity MC is the good range?

The project team buys token from the open market back and put them away from the circulation (burn). So, the total token amount goes down the ratio goes up.

We, at Pepe Swap (PEPES) are aware of this problem and want to get the ratio over 0,3 (30K $ liquidity for 100K $ MC).

To grow a project marketing is an important factor that can rapidly become an economic problem. Honestly speaking, paid marketing like calls or buy competition that reward only 1-3 people are in the most of cases a waste of money.

Marketing funds

Marketing funds tax will be use for the twitter and burn approach. We expect at least 100 tweets a day with at least 10 000$ volume per day. We have 175$ for 0,1 ERC-20 buy back and burn (100$). So, at least 50% of the marketing funds will go to tweet and burn. The rest will be use for the tweet and other marketing methods.

Community Funds

Community funds will be used to reward community thought staking (ERC-20 reward or other token depending on the community votes, could be BTC. ETH USDT…). Farming for ERC-20 will start after 2 weeks of running to provide a decent APR.

PepeSwap Roadmap




2% Marketing

1% Development & Community Fund



1.5% Marketing

3.5% Development & Community Fund

2% Team

The staking will be locked for 2 weeks and there will be 500% apr variable for early stakers. You can un-stake at anytime, but you will incur a charge of 3% tax which will be burnt and you will not be eligible to collect the harvested tokens from the pool earned. If you un-stake at end of pool, there will be no tax.

Then the token for token staking will be stopped and we will drift to an LP for token staking mechanism for 2 weeks and each time 500% apr variable.

Like every community driven project, we have implemented a tax on buys and sells.

Our aim is to reward the holder, so the buy tax will largely be used for community funds and be low. The sell tax (you are leaving the project) is a little bit more and give back to the community, but also the team that manage the project.

We are using 3% buy tax and 7% sell tax


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